Name of Section or Activity Scout Section – Outdoor Activity Aylestone Meadows and canal Date of risk assessment 11/01/2021 Name of who undertook this risk assessment A W COVID-19 readiness level transition Red to Amber

Hazard Identified? /
Risks from it?
Who is at risk? How are the risks already controlled?
What extra controls are needed?
What has changed that needs to be thought about and controlled?
Hazard – something that may cause harm or damage.
Risk – the chance of it happening.
Young people,
Controls – Ways of making the activity safer by removing or reducing the risk from it.
For example - you might use a different piece of equipment or you might change the way the activity is carried out.
Keep checking throughout the activity in case you need to change it…or even stop it! This is a great place to add comments which will be used as part of the review.
Maintaining social distance at drop off and pick up: higher risk of infection spread if social distancing not maintained. Young people, Leaders, Parents/guardian Parents to drop and leave scout(s) without leaving car, young person to go straight to designated area and stand on marked position until further instructions given.
At pickup parents to remain in their car, Young person to identify their parents car they will then will be given permission to return to parents car. Once child has been picked up parent to leave as soon as possible
Scouts arriving and departing by themselves to listen to leader instructions and wait in marked locations until all scouts have arrived, Hands to be sanitized prior to standing in marked location. at Departure, we would encourage them to leave as soon as possible

All scouts are required to wear face masks during the course of the evening.
Maintaining social distance during meeting: higher risk of infection spread if social distancing not maintained. Young people, Leaders Start of the session Leaders to explain social distancing and that if it was not maintained the session will be ended early. Young people, young leaders and leaders to be allocated to small batches of no more than 15. Each batch will be separated and will not mix with another group during the evening at scouts. The batches will be more than 25Meters apart from each other. Leaders to monitor the young people and remind them if needed to keep social distancing. In the event of a session having to be ended early parents to be informed and they will be asked to come a pick up their child
Hygiene of people: higher risk of infection spread if proper hand washing not carried out. Young people, Leaders Controls: clear expectations with all involved, provide hand sanitiser/ hand washing for members on arrival, departure and during as required.
Hygiene of toilets: higher risk of infection spread if hygiene not carried out. Young people, Leaders Controls: Toilet facilities are cleaned before and after sessions, cleaning equipment available to leaders with safe storage.
We will request that all young people have gone to the toilet before attending session minimising the use of the facilities. if the facilities are required, we will monitor that the scout will sanitize before they enter the building, remind them to wash their hands after doing their business, and ensure they have sanitized their hands when coming out of the building.
We will only have 2x batches of 15x scouts / leaders, each one will be assigned a designated toilet should they need to use the facilities.

(Door handles, Toilet handle, Taps & light switch are key points to be cleaned before and after the night)
All Scouts are reminded to wash hands before they arrive, use the available hand sanitizer frequently and to wash their hands after going to the toilet.
Hygiene of activity equipment: Higher risk of infection spread if hygiene not carried out. Young people, Leaders Controls
First aid grab bag to be allocated to the leader in charge and responsible for first aid on the evening. After the session has ended the bag shall be wiped down using anti bacterial spray making it safe for use by another group

Any other equipment used during the session to be wiped down using disinfectant wipes or antibacterial spray before use.

if we require tables and chairs, they should be clean and safe from the previous session, they will all need to be sprayed / wiped down after use before putting away.

equipment that is not easily wiped down such as rope shall not be used for 72 hours after use, a label will be left on them from the last time used, simply a piece of paper - Used on date and by whom.
Use of outdoor spaces: un-even ground, access to space less controlled, cannot be cleaned. Young people, Leaders Controls: choice of location appropriate to activity, briefing to leaders and young people on boundaries, checks on the location ahead by leaders, hand washing if available for all participants before, during and after the session, if not hand sanitizers will be available from the leaders
Hygiene of Hut: higher risk of infection spread if hygiene not carried out. Young people, Leaders Access to the hut restricted to the main door and hall for access to toilets only. Access to the main hut restricted to one in one out or if an emergency people to be kept at a minimum distance of 2 meters.. Main door propped open during the open and closing for the sections so young people do not need to touch handles if they need to get to the toilets. Handles to be wiped down at the end of the session with antibacterial wipes
First Aid: Higher risk of infection if first aid is required to be administered Young people, Leaders Each batch to be assigned a leader who is first aid trained. In the event of first aid having to be administered the leader in charge of the grab bag will be contactable by phone and will wear all provided PPE within the grab bag. The incident will be recorded in the incident records and any equipment will be replenished at an appropriate time. The young person’s parent/guardian will be notified,
Common first aid requirements for local area are twists and strained ankles, cuts, graizes and stings.
Maintaining social distance during meeting: higher risk of infection spread if social distancing not maintained. Young people, Leaders, Parents/guardian Aylestone meadows and canal is a wide open space with multiple paths as well as the car park of the scout hut. scouts will be split into 2 batches and will go in either at timed intervals or along different paths to different areas (minimum of 25Meter gaps between the two batches) to avoid groups coming into close contact
Each batch will have a minimum of 2 adults. One to run the session, the other to oversee The group
Scouts will be reminded about 2m spaces, no touching etc. hand sanitiser will be used on a regular basis throughout the night to ensure clean hygiene before, during and leaving the activity area. All scouts must bring their own water bottles so there is no danger of cross contamination,
Confirmed case of Covid-19: as the young people in the group attend a number of schools there is a higher risk of infection from other sources then the young people and leaders presently in Contact with Young people, Leaders Attendants to the session and the batch the young person was assigned to be recorded. Track and Trace to inform leaders so we can advise them with other people in that particular batch so they can continue with the track and trace system.
Parents will be asked not to bring children who Feel unwell
Review: This risk assessment is for a section to move from one COVID Readiness alert level to the next, an additional risk assessment should be produced for each move proposed.

Checked by Line Manager
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Date:  2020-09-22
Checked by Executive
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Date:  2020-09-22
Approved by Commissioner
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Date:  2020-10-07
Approved by Executive
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Date:  2020-09-22
Notification of level change Date and by who
HIDDEN - 2020-02-06

We take personal data privacy seriously. The data in this form is used to assess the suitability for the return to face to face Scouting based on the controls put in place. The personal data in this form is used to identify the individuals who have completed and approved the risk assessment. This includes the individual who undertook the assessment, the line manager, Executive members and County Commissioner, who will all have access to this data. Scouts headquarters will retain this data for 3 years after the Covid-19 readiness level goes to ‘Green’ and does not return to ‘Amber’ or ‘Red’ to act as evidence of the assessment taking place. For further details on the Scouts data processing stance please visit our Data Protection Policy here.’.