Name of Section or Activity Covid - Water Activities Day run at Paxmead Date of risk assessment 21/06/2021 Name of who undertook this risk assessment G H COVID-19 readiness level transition Amber to Yellow

Hazard Identified? /
Risks from it?
Category Who is at risk? How are the risks already controlled?
What extra controls are needed?
What has changed that needs to be thought about and controlled?
Hazard – something that may cause harm or damage.
Risk – the chance of it happening.
Category to help organise risks Young people,
Controls – Ways of making the activity safer by removing or reducing the risk from it.
For example - you might use a different piece of equipment or you might change the way the activity is carried out.
Keep checking throughout the activity in case you need to change it…or even stop it! This is a great place to add comments which will be used as part of the review.
Participants unable to take care of themselves – risk of infection if close proximity is required Covid - Water Activities, Paddlesports ALL


  • Sessions to be opened to those who have previously completed an introduction to kayaking, with an expected Paddlesport Discover or 1 Star level. This will be determined by the activity lead. 
  •  Activity to be planned to keep 1m+ distance at all times, 2m+ distance at the majority. 
  •  Activity aimed to be kept to 90 minutes 
  •  Individuals to be capable of carrying their own kayak 
  •  Kayaks and equipment to be laid out in yard or on grass before individuals arrive where possible 
  •  Self-rescue (exit and swim) to be the primary means of rescue. 
  •  In the event of a longer rescue, lead to consider participant swim, boat tow.
Added caveats for Water Activities day, specifically for beavers
Ability to track and trace – risk of outbreak if unable to track Covid - All Meetings, Participant management Participants and leaders
  • Leader in charge to keep log of all people attending a session in OSM. 
  • Each meeting needs to be setup as an Event and shared with the Adult Section to ensure that adult helpers can be added and logged. 
  • If an adult is not already in the adult section, then they are to be added 
  • Any participant or leader that becomes ill to inform GSL as early as possible.
Strong controls and logging of who has attended site.
Continue as is
Hygiene of people: higher risk of infection spread if proper hand washing not carried out. Covid - All Meetings, Participant management ALL
  • Leaders to have hand sanitizer 
  • All to sanitise hands before and after activities at a minimum 
  • First Aid kits to be updated to include masks, gloves and apron 
  • Scouts and Adults to bring own full water bottle
Restock First Aid Kits
Infected individuals attending – risk of transfer of virus Covid - All Meetings, Participant management ALL Parents need to confirm that the YP do not have any of the following symptoms and have not been in contact with someone who has any of the following symptoms
  • A temperature higher than 38c 
  • A new continuous cough 
  • A loss or change of sense of smell or taste 
Instructions not to attend if any member of the supportive bubble has suspected coronavirus, coronavirus symptoms or is self isolating. 
Individual with higher risk – These individuals are asked not to attend site 
If social distancing not practiced by members of the public – group leader to keep group away from members of the public.
Check at beginning of session if anybody is at risk.
Maintaining social distance during meeting: higher risk of infection spread if social distancing not maintained. Covid - All Meetings, Participant management All, Public
  • Scouts to bring own full NAMED water bottle and to use toilets before they arrive 
  • Groups communicate via radio to ensure no overlaps 
AP: First Aid kits at HQ (4) and Island barn (2)
AP: Ensure First Aid kits also include sufficient hand Sanitiser
AP: Detail PPE used when moving and cleaning equipment
Covid - Paxmead - Cleaning of Equipment
Covid - Remote Location All Present


  • 2 bug busters
  • dunk ropes in a bucket of Bio-D and Riverwater solution
  • Watering can with same solution and water barrels and poles directly after use so that they are sanitiosed beofore the next session
  • Water paddles with Bio-D Solution too
  • Water powerboat with Bio-D solution
  • Scouts all face forward. 7 at a time in Niord
  • cheer
  • KIT Required
  • 5L Bio-D
  • 2 Buckets
  • Watering Can
  • Blue paper
  • Hand Sanitiser


  •        4 Bug Busters
  •         Kayaks lines up on Grass near slipway
  • Stirrup pump Bio-D Solution around cockpit
  • Wipe down paddles with cleaning wipes


  • 2 Bug Busters
  • Moored up 
  • wipe down gunwhales and paddles
  • Watering can over seats


  • 2 bug busters
  • Sups return to Paxmead
  • Stirrup pump Bio D
  • Wipe down paddles with cleaning wipes
End of the day

  • pressure wash all. Dunk Bas and Cags

Covid - Paxmead - Social Distancing during water activities day
Covid - Remote Location, Covid - Water Activities All Present

General Requirements

Ensure that Sections operate as individual groups and keep separate
Designate a group area for each group and ensure that there is no need to cross another groups area to reach the river or shared areas
Sessions will be staggered to assume that two groups do not need to use the same launching place at the same time

Craft Specific controls:


Avoid rafting up except if necessary for safety


Max 2 per 16ft canoe or 3 in a 17ft Hunter. ensure all are facing the same way and don't allow changing boats or paddles except in an emergency or to prevent an emergency
This also counts for canoes in a bell boat configuration


One person per board for normal SUPS.
Max 4 people (50%) on Multi rider sups and paddlers need to be facing in the same direction


Ensure that scouts are all facing forward  approx. 3 per side depending on size of raft)


For Ferry going to rafting, make sure all scouts face forward and complete the trip quickly and safely. max 3 per thwart and anyone in the bow must be facing forward. Rather more trip that overloading
For Safety Boat. helm and crew should be at opposite sides of the boat. if they need to swap then should do so back to back

Risk of transmission during changing  Covid - Outdoor Activities, Covid - Remote Location, Paxmead All Present

  • We need to actively discourage getting changed between activities
  • If they need to get changed to go to the toilet, then they should take all their gear with them and get changed back again
  • We don't want wet clothing lying around

Covid - Paxmead - Hygiene of Facilities: Higher risk of infection spread if hygiene not carried out. Cleaning-Facilities, Paxmead ALL

Children's Toilets / Changing rooms (inside and outside)

  • Toilets are shared areas and need to be regularly cleaned with Milton solution
  • every 30 min between sessions toilets need to be checked and cleaned if they have been used.
  • Milton solution in a sprayer and antiseptic wipes.
  • Wipe toilet seat, handles, taps and basin
  • Ensure hand Sanitiser as well as soap are available and encourage people to use them.

Adults Toilets (through bunk room)

  • Check every 2 hours. ensure that antiseptic wipes are available and that waste bin is not full
AP Create signs for bathroom to wash hands, sanitise and throw wipes in bin rather than flushing

Review: This risk assessment is for a section to move from one COVID Readiness alert level to the next, an additional risk assessment should be produced for each move proposed.

Checked by Line Manager
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Checked by Executive
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Approved by Commissioner
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Date:  2021-06-09
Approved by Executive
Role / level:  HIDDEN
Notification of level change Date and by who

We take personal data privacy seriously. The data in this form is used to assess the suitability for the return to face to face Scouting based on the controls put in place. The personal data in this form is used to identify the individuals who have completed and approved the risk assessment. This includes the individual who undertook the assessment, the line manager, Executive members and County Commissioner, who will all have access to this data. Scouts headquarters will retain this data for 3 years after the Covid-19 readiness level goes to ‘Green’ and does not return to ‘Amber’ or ‘Red’ to act as evidence of the assessment taking place. For further details on the Scouts data processing stance please visit our Data Protection Policy here.’.